The law firm of Jager Smith P.C. has closed. We are thankful to all of our clients, acquaintances, and colleagues for your support, your friendship, and your trust. We continue to wish all of you health, happiness, and prosperity.
If you are looking for an attorney who formerly practiced at Jager Smith P.C., the list below will provide you with contact information for those attorneys. For any general questions, or if you are looking for someone who is not listed below, please send your inquiry to




Joanne D'Alcomo

Jager McCarron, LLP

(617) 202-2922

Michael J. Fencer

Casner & Edwards, LLP

(617) 426-5900

Jonathan M. Horne

Murtha Cullina

(617) 457-4000

Edward G. Jager

Jager McCarron, LLP

(617) 202-2922

Andrew K. Ley

Ley & Young, P.C.

(617) 204-9600

Catherine F. McCarron

Jager McCarron, LLP

(617) 202-2922

Steven C. Reingold

Saul Ewing, LLP

(617) 723-3300

Bruce F. Smith

Murphy & King

(617) 423-0400